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Smart Gardens – Growing on Country:

Students will build an electronic monitoring and control system to germinate plants, monitor their conditions and modify the variables to maximise growth. The plant choice will be guided by the community, based around the theme of Bush Foods and Medicines. 3D printing will also be used to print seasonal plant parts and water purification systems, for example. click here for more information about Smart Gardens – Growing on Country >>


Local Energy for the Global Future:

Diminishing petroleum reserves and climate change caused by combustion-related CO2 emissions illustrate the necessity of alternative and sustainable energy sources. Students will be given the opportunity to investigate and understand sustainable energy sources through making Dye Sensitised Solar Cells (DSSC) and growing algae, that can be transformed into biodiesel. Other innovative used of algae will also be explored. click here for more information about Local Energy for the Global Future >>

Water for Life:

Students will test their local dam, bore, creek or tap water using kits that allow them to check multiple important parameters including pH, nitrates, phosphates, chloride. They will then build simple filtration systems using materials of their choice, including plant fibres. After filtration, the water will be tested again to evaluate the effectiveness of the filtration, promoting inquiry learning and understanding of wastewater. click here for more information about Water for Life >>

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Acknowledgment of Country
Macquarie University acknowledges the traditional custodians of the Macquarie University land, the Wallumattagal clan of the Dharug nation - whose cultures and customs have nurtured, and continue to nurture, the land since Dreamtime.